Visa & Immigration Service

If you are relocating inbound foreign nationals or sending employees overseas,
you know that it is critical that your business remain compliant with all local regulations throughout the immigration process.
Our team has years of experience in Visa and Immigration to provide appropriate immigration services based on up-to-date information.
Our clients would be included private individuals as well as corporations, immigration law firms, and relocation management companies.

  1. Visa Application Assistance

  • Consultations to assess each employee’s unique immigration needs
  • Pre-screening to assess eligibility for the required visa
  • Collection of origin and destination documentation and assistance with application paperwork
  • Management of application process
  • Updates on applications status

  2. Easy Visa application and Renewal

  • Detailed records of all visa renewal and expiry dates
  • Support during the renewal, cancellation or de-registration process
  • Report relocation status

  3. Compliant Visa Cancellation Services

  • Management of the visa cancellation process to help ensure your compliance with local regulations

  4. Immigration laws may change without notice.

  • For current and detailed information regarding updates as well as documentary requirements, processing times and any other information pertaining to your specific needs, speak with Lime Relo.

Home Search

Finding the right home, in the right location, is critical to ensuring the satisfaction and success of your new employee.
Our agents are experts in the local real estate market.
Our flexible home finding service is designed to find the best possible housing for your employee within your budget and relocation policy.
Let our relocation professionals provide you with the highest quality full-service home search services.

  1. Home Search Services

  • Needs analysis with the relocating employee prior to the visit
  • Meet and greet with the employee prior to the home finding tour
  • Welcome pack and local area information
  • Prepared itinerary of properties
  • Accompanied visits to properties
  • Lease negotiation
  • Accompanied hand-over with digital photos

School Search

If your relocating employee has school-age children, the choice of school is critical to all family decisions
and will influence the whole family’s perception of a new location. Getting the schooling right can expedite the relocation process
and positively impact your relocating employee’s performance in the workplace.

School search professionals have detailed knowledge of local and international schools in the area.
We can provide complete school search services, including needs assessments,
an overview of the local and international school systems and accompanied school visits.

  1. School Search

  • Detailed school search needs analysis
  • Advising and overview of potential schools
  • Scheduling of interviews with selected schools
  • Assisting with registration

Cross-Cultural & Language Training

One of the key ways to ensure the success of a relocating employee is to provide cross-cultural and language training.
Substantially improve your relocating employee’s ability to integrate effectively in a new location by including cross-cultural training and language services as part of an international relocation.
Lime Relo can offer flexible intercultural and language training programs that are based on a professional assessment of each individual’s intercultural and language training needs.

Settling-In Service

Settling-in services, our local experts can help ensure that your employees’ transitions are as smooth as possible.

We offer settling-in services that can be tailored to the precise needs of each of your employees.

With our complete suite of settling-in services, you can be assured that your relocating employee will be ready to be successful in a new role.

  1. Settling-In Service

  • Community registration
  • Introduction to community resources for new comers
  • Assistance with home furnishings
  • Explain usage of washing machine, dishwasher and home appliances
  • Explain recycling and waste management system
  • Connection of utilities, internet including security deposits
  • Provide move in day assistance
  • Provide other support as requested by the family
  • Applications for personal documentation and identification cards

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